...and a little about me!


About Me

I'm half Taiwanese, half Caucasian, and 100% will eat your food if you're not gonna finish it.

While on track as a pre-med student, I made every Asian parent's nightmare come true when I decided to go into entertainment instead.

"AHH!" <--- the echos from my mother.

Just kidding. She's fine... now.

Now, I work as a professional voice over artist, actor, dancer, and choreographer based in Los Angeles. With COVID, I've taken my platform virtual so if you find yourself wanting to listen to some great stories, or wanting to shake yo' bootay, I got you.

In my spare time I'm reviewing restaurants as a Yelp elite gold badge member, I'm making some seriously criminal banana bread, and I'm snuggling with my cat... a chonky dapper boy who makes a Hitler-stache look good. Wanna see?